And So It Begins…….

Giving somebody like myself free reigns to write about whatever they please is an incredibly dangerous thing to do as nine times out of ten it will result in an over zealous rant about my obsession of the day. Now I could have chosen to write about something ridiculous like my new found love for James Franco’s strangely addictive but oh so terrible poetry or the fact that I have just discovered the word ‘favorite’ is not in fact spelt ‘favourite’ as I have been spelling it for the past 16 years of my life but seeing as this blog post is a post that is meant to truly describe me then it only seems fitting to write about my biggest and most incessant infatuation…The Rolling Stones.


If I were to give you one word,one word that would honestly and truly describe me as a person it would be the word obsessive. As completely sad as it sounds it pains me to say that it is the truth. Now my obsessions have come in many different forms over the years but in general they always seem to follow incredibly strange patterns ranging from Sarah Michelle Gellar(of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame) to The Smiths to One Direction(or 1Dizzle as I like to call them). It was these random collection of figures who resided with me during the entirety of my childhood so you can imagine my surprise when I met the elderly men who were going to take me to adulthood.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The wind battled against my windows like an angry wave on the shore while the rain shot like bullets at my roof. The house was dark and I was alone. I flicked inattentively through channels on the t.v. waiting for something to jump out at me. A quick flash of light engulfed the house, followed by a violent growl of thunder and a shudder that ran all the way up the stairs and right through the ground floor boards. Amidst all of this chaos I sat in my nesting area (formerly known as ‘the couch’) in utter shock staring at the mystical object that had appeared in the middle of the floor.

It was a CD. A Rolling Stones CD, and this is how the biggest obsession of my life began.

Okay, so it didn’t quite happen like that but I thought you might appreciate something a little more interesting than my mom bought me the CD cause she thought I’d like it.

It was the brilliant and bold lyrics of the song ‘Some Girls’ that changed my idea of what good music was for good. The brash line”some girls give me children I never asked them for” had me hooked while the line “English girls are so pretty, I can’t stand them on the telephone” taught me that brutal honesty is the backbone to some of the most spine tingling music. The way Jagger so easily spoke of the many children he had acquired over years of promiscuity simply shocked and delighted me. I was thoroughly and devotedly infatuated by these magnificent creatures, but it was the moment when I first watched them perform live that I was captured for life.

Watching Mick shake his ‘sweet thang’ while Keith waltzed between Ronnie and Charlie did something to me that I will never understand and at this point I had only seen them as 70 year old men. My mother was seriously regretting what she had done.

I quickly became curious about the history of the band and my inner journalist kicked in as I commenced a mission to know as much as physically possible about these hypnotizing rock geniuses. Opperation ‘become biggest Rolling Stones fan in the world’ is a go.

Within months I had secured 12 out of the 25 legendary albums released by my idols, read as many informative books about the band as physically possible including the immensely successful ‘Life’ by Keith Richards, collected over 200 magazines devoted to my men and gained 10 documentary/ concert movies about my hero. I also succeeded in falling hopelessly in love with Keith Richards. Who needs gorgeous manufactured teen heartthrobs when you’ve got a rock god to worship.

This is one obsession that I feel will never leave me because like no other before this is a true love so deep it cannot be broken by the luscious curls of some delectable crooner sent forth from the womb of Simon Cowell to exploit me in to a vicious trap of catchy yet meaningless pop tunes. Why you ask? Because nothing says permanent like a band that has been around for 52 years, has only one loss and can remain the greatest rock and roll band in the world.


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