So You Wanna Be A Stones Fan?

Sorry I couldn’t was too easy. Anyways,after deciding to dedicate my blog to The Stones it seems only right that I should help my fellow or future fellow Stones fans. It a tough thing to do, getting in to a new band. It’s hard to know where to start, what to research, what songs to listen to etc.. and when it comes to The Rolling Stones it’s particularly difficult because there’s over 52 years worth of material to check out. So I thought, being the kind soul that I am, I would do a bit of a ‘how to’ to show anyone who’s interested in becoming a Rolling Stones fangirl exactly where to start. Okay, so let’s being


The absolute most important part of The Stones is their music. There is no way around it, that is just the truth. They are one of the best bands that there ever was and ever will be because of their immense song writing ability. The guitar riffs, the complex lyrics, Mick’s energetic approach to absolutely every song he does and the little quirks that brand their music. You must listen to ‘Satisfaction’ and ‘Paint it Black’ of course because they are undoubtedly legendary classics but they are not the songs that will make you fall in love. For me, it was ‘Miss You’ the disco inspired tune that Keith initially assumed Mick has plagiarized. I heard it and it was like all the lights in the room were turned on at once, like all the air had been sucked from the world, it was epic. After you have recovered from the brilliance that is ‘Miss You’ you need to listen to ‘Star Star’ this explicit tune initially entitled something rather different. I’ll give you a hint it’s rhymes with ‘Star Trucker’, chronicles the life of an ‘obscene’ groupie. It is fantastic, you will love it. Some other tunes that are a must include ‘Some Girls’, ‘Sitting On a Fence’, ‘Too Much Blood’ and of course one of my absolute favorites ‘You Got The Silver'(on this one we even hear Richards vocals and it’s positively glorious).

2. Live Shows 

The Stones are the best band in the world there is no doubting this but they are also the BEST live band ever. Grossing over 1 Billions dollars for their tours it’s clear I’m not the only one who thinks this. Jagger has always had an energy on stage that is indescribable. His moves are notorious, I’m sure you’ve heard that awful Maroon 5 song and his voice has the ability to do whatever he pleases with it while on stage. Keith’s casual but explosive approach to his guitar playing has always been a clever contrast between Mick’s energy whilst Ronnie’s child like delight matches easily with the pair. Charlie of course works it out. He bangs his drums with a grace that only he can. Daryl, well Darryl’s just Darryl I still find it hard to really consider him a member(that’s really mean I know) cause let’s face it no one can beat Bill Wyman’s stone-faced, almost bored on stage look. You have to check out one of their gigs whether it’s in person(EEEEEPPP I WOULD DIE) or on a concert DVD which is the only way I have seen them play live……

It’s okay, I’ll be okay I’ll see them one day but for now check one out! My advice is to watch either

‘Ladies and Gentleman’ filmed during their 1972 North American tour

Ladies & Gentlemen Rolling Stones

or ‘Some Girls, Live in Texas’ filmed in 1978.


Both fantastic, both life changing.


This may not be an incredibly enticing heading but I can promise you will not regret watching a documentary on The Rolling Stones.Their history is so rich. After 52 years of being the world’s most chaotic band you can only imagine what has happened. My Recommendations? ‘Crossfire Hurriance’ this is the perfect way to get your Stones history fill. It has absolutely everything you need to know. It covers everything from the beginning of the band to some of their most recent concerts and with it narrated by the band themselves it is a real experience. Mick Taylor even makes an appearance as a voice over. With touching tributes to Brian Jones and a plethora of footage that will set your heart alight this is definitely the one to watch. Highlights include learning that Mick doesn’t like milk because of a bad trip on acid and Keith telling a judge after the Redlands raid that he’s not worried about their “petty morals”. An absolute must watch!

‘Charlie Is My Darling’ is also a good one. This chronicles the early days of The Stones as they tour Ireland. It is not as informative as Crossfire Hurricane but makes an interesting watch. Andrew Loog Oldham features heavily, the man responsible for The Stones bad boy image. A vital catalyst in the success of the band. We also witness Mick and Keith pen what is now known as ‘Sitting On a Fence’ and Mick does a fantastic Elvis impression that is not to be missed!


This is the autobiography penned by Keith Richards himself and you will love it even if you hate reading. Keith does not close any doors. He lays bare his soul, discussing his drug habits, love life and complex relationship with Jagger something that led to a lot of controversy between the two. We also learn how he first came to play guitar and can read diary entries from the beginning of the band along with letters to his Aunt about his growing friendship with Mick. This book is an essential part of being a Stones fan.


5. Women

After checking out all of the above you will undoubtedly be obsessed with the band but in order to really cement the obsession you must check out the women behind the notorious band members. Each woman involved in The Stones is strong-willed, confident and utterly flawless. They are complete powerhouses. Explore the likes of Marianne Faithfull,


Anita Pallenberg,


Bianca Jagger(an absolute hero),

bianca jagger

Patti Hansen(my personal favourite),


Shirley Watts

shirley watts

and Jo Wood..


After 10 minutes of checking out these ladies you will be 112% hooked for life.

That’s it, that’s the quick and easy way to become a Stones fan…so enjoy!!


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