Like A Rolling Stone

After creating this blog, I’ve come to realize that Rolling Stones fans are not that hard to find. They may not be as overtly obvious about the fact that they exist like those of the ‘Belieber’ fandom but once they are drawn out of the wood work, it is easily realized that they are pretty much….everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean everywhere! Not only are the fans not that hard to find but also those they have inspired are also very clearly floating around the music industry today.

The band has influenced a long list of fellow musicians during it’s 52 years of existence and I’d like to take explore the long list of wonders the band has given birth to.


The band was formed in 1970 and consists of Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford. You only have to get a quick glimpse of Steven Tyler to realize who he is inspired by. When you hear their music, the clever guitar riffs and intricate lyrics they will undoubtedly give you the familiar butterflies that easily come a floating when you listen to ‘Bitch’ by your favorite men. Wanna know my favorite Aerosmith song?

Of course you do! Well check it out here…

Lenny Kravitz

Ooh I love this man and you will too! Not only is he insanely beautiful but he has an air of chic that only a man of his attitude could pull off. Example,

Kravitz was heavily influenced by Mick’s tenacity above all else and it’s clear that Micholas gave a fine young Mr Kravitz the courage he needed to go out there and be his own outrageous self.


Kravitz is also an incredibly gifted musician. He has managed to incorporate elements of rock,blues,soul, R&B, funk, jazz,reggae etc.. the list goes on, into his music whilst not only singing both lead and back up vocals on his records, he also plays all guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and percussion when recording. If that doesn’t say talented then I don’t really know what does.. I’m even starting to feel a bit inadequate myself as I write. Damn you, Lenny Kravitz you incredibly gifted person you!!


Check out one of his tunes here to see for yourself!

The White Stripes 

A fantastic band without question. Their song ‘Seven Nation Army’ has received countless awards, critical fame and has become a signature calling for the band but it goes without saying that these young musicians were influenced by The Stones. Jack White himself has admitted it multiple times and even went out of his way to ensure he could perform with the band in the 2008 ‘Shine a Light’ concert film directed by the epic Martin Scorsese.

One song that is a must for this band is the one I have left below! Have a listen and you’ll soon hear some of the characteristics we know and love from The Stones intricately hidden in between both the melody and the lyrics.

One more I’d like to mention is a rather unconventional one but I don’t follow no rules!

The Strypes 

This is a band heavily influenced by the sixties mod movement, doctor feelgood and the likes but there is definitely a hint of The Stones in there somewhere. It can be seen in their image(not unlike the one created for The Stones by the wonderful Andrew Loog Oldham in the early days) and hints of The Stones are littered throughout their music. I was lucky enough to have been able to interview the young band at the end of 2014 so I’m going to post the interview here, have a listen and see why it is that I believe the band were influenced by my hero’s.


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