I’ve Got My Own Album To Do!

By now we’ve already established that The Rolling Stones are the best people currently existing on the earth but what I am about to do will involve some Stones bashing. Together they are a machine, a weapon to be reckoned with. Apart? Ehhh, not so much.

Each member of the band has branched out at some point or another in an attempt to take over the music industry solo. Each attempt ultimately ended in failure. I know what you’re thinking, how in the name of all that is good is that even possible?? Well to be honest, as a Stones connoisseur myself, I have no idea.

It seems that although individually they are each irrefutably talented when the precise formula that is The Stones is broken their powers are stripped and it’s like Thor without his hammer…..

chris hemsworth shirtless

Super, super, super hot… sorry where was I going with this…

Oh yes, Thor without his hammer, kind of powerful but really lacking some serious punch. So let’s examine the solo material of the boys and see why it is that it lacks such punch.


Ah Mick, now come on! What was this? This album was aptly nicknamed by Keith himself ‘Dogs**t in the Doorway’ and I think from just this example we can understand why. Now there is one song on the album which I enjoy…

check it out…

I do like this song but in all honestly there’s a lot of embarrassment that comes with admitting that. When you remember that this is the man responsible for the likes of ‘No Expectations’ and ‘Midnight Rambler’ you can’t help but cringe and ask how did he think this was okay? To be honest, I don’t think we’ll ever get the answer to that one but in all by looking at just these two examples we can clearly see that something strange happens when The Stones are separated.


Bill Wyman left the band in 1993 initially due to a fear of flying but as it turns out it was to release more little gems like this one.

Sorry but I love this song even if it is terrible because let’s face it, it is! Bill’s solo career has been…eventful.. and again we are left wondering how he managed to be apart of The Rolling Stones while having a little diddy like ‘Je Suis Un Rock’ in his head.


Keith in my own biased opinion has been the most successful of the lot with his solo attempts. His work with ‘Wingless Angels’ and of course ‘Vintage Winos’ has been well-received critically although it is clear his voice cannot compete with the titan that is Mick’s his song writing ability is indisputable. Check out this number, it ever fails to get me going!


Ronnie himself has also had some rather valiant attempts at solo work. His cleverly titled ‘I’ve Got My Own Album To Do’ in 1974 and is a close second to Keith’s attempt. This album proves to be one of the main ways to show why Ronnie belongs in The Stones so have a listen…if you dare!!!


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